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Ernie Ball

Web redesign showcasing heritage and craft

  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Davey Award
  • W3 Award

Ernie Ball is the industry's most recognized name in Rock 'N Roll strings.

Working with legends such as Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton, the company has spent the last 50 years redefining how people play music. ANML created a web experience that communicates Ernie Ball's commitment to artistry, innovation, and music culture. With a bold new design system, ANML helped Ernie Ball bridge the gap between their iconic legacy and the next generation of rockstars.

Elevating the buying experience

We redefined the way that users interact with the Ernie Ball brand by creating a clear path to discover, compare, and purchase products. We focused on distinguishing between product lines, visualizing their sound, and highlighting the engineering that makes Ernie Ball products the best in the industry.


“The ANML team has incredible attention to detail that's hard to find anywhere else. Their fresh approach and pixel perfect design helped shape Ernie Ball's digital rebrand, keeping the rock'n roll attitude while providing users with a clean, thought-out experience.”

Dustin Hinz, EVP Marketing
Ernie Ball