ANML - Parts Unknown


Bringing fans into Bourdain's world

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Anthony Bourdain was a legend, if you watched him, you wanted more.

You wanted to travel like he traveled, eat like he ate and live the experiences he lived. ANML and our sister company Roads & Kingdoms brought you into Bourdain's world, allowing fans to take a deeper dive after each episode.

Using a Master content template, unique page types are created on the fly by the editing team. Pulling from a component library, editors are able publish a variety of content types within each story. Video throughout the site brings stories and sections to life. While micro-interactions enhance the user experience.

Component based publishing allows for endless opportunities so that every page can be as unique as its destination.


“The deeper I dig on the site, the more great work I find. It's shaping up to be everything I imagined and more. Couldn't be happier or more impressed. Thanks again to you and to everyone involved in this staggering amount of great work.”

Anthony Bourdain