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Designing the connected kitchen

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  • Visual Design
  • Branding
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  • 4 Webby Awards
  • 2 Davey Awards
  • 2 W3 Awards
  • Acquisition by Whirlpool

Designing a personalized connected kitchen platform that spans multiple digital tools and products.

Since 2013, ANML has played an instrumental role in the design and user experience of Yummly's digital products helping the company grow from 5 million users to 50 million users leading to the acquisition by Whirlpool, a global appliance giant. ANML played key roles in defining the Yummly brand through our product work including, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Apple Watch, as well as creating a step-by-step cooking interface that connects to your kitchen appliances.

Cooking with the pros

Creating a simple to use step-by-step interface, our audience is able to cook alongside pro chefs in the comfort of their own kitchen and at their own pace. We focused on creating an interface that allows written instructions, ingredient lists, and step-by-step video content to live side-by-side, making it easier than ever before to cook at home.

Reimagining the food journey

ANML helps support the design of digital tools that help people manage and optimize their work flows in the kitchen. From ingredient food recognition, inventory management, and meal planning, ANML has been involved with key features that continue to improve the connected food journey.

Agnostic design system

With a universal design language we were able to adapt to numerous platforms. Working closely with the Yummly team, with guidance from apple, we extended our designs to the Apple watch and Apple TV - allowing Yummly to be showcased as one of the first apps on these new platforms.


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"I have worked with ANML for many years. The team is incredibly talented, easy to work with, and fun to collaborate with. We owe much of our acclaimed app success and visual language to thehard working team at ANML. They are truly, the best of the best."

Brian Witlin, CEO